If you’d like to help your baby to sleep through the night, or for longer stretched, and take good naps, have a look at my blogs below.

How do I help my baby sleep well while teething?

Have you ever found yourself thinking that every challenge parenting throws you is related to teething? She didn’t eat well today, it must be teething. She’s so grumpy today, her gums must be bothering her. She was up all night because she’s teething…..


Why your baby will never sleep through the night

So I bet you’re surprised to hear this coming from a sleep consultant, but it’s true – your baby will never sleep straight through the night. And neither will you, for that matter. In fact, pretty much anyone who isn’t heavily sedated before going to bed can expect to wake up…..


Dealing with the four month sleep regression

As a sleep consultant, I hear the term “regression” used with regard to just about every imaginable circumstance. Essentially, if baby doesn’t sleep well for a couple of nights, the ‘R’ word starts to creep in. Some people subscribe to the idea that there’s an 8 month…..


Eight tips for easing separation anxietyseparation anxiety

Raising kids is a high stakes responsibility, and in this age of social media and easy access to information about anything and everything, as parents, we are easily overwhelmed with feelings of guilt and inadequacy. As a mum, I feel this myself, and as a sleep consultant, I see…..


How to maintain a good sleep routine over Christmas

With Christmas approaching, many parents who have recently worked on their baby’s sleep are worried that they might regress a little over the festive period. Between the travel, the excitement, the constant attention and then travel all over again, it’s easy to see how things can get…..


What do I do when the clocks go back? clocks going back

It’s that time again – the clocks are changing on Sunday. At this time of year, it’s not so bad when they “fall back” and (supposedly) we get an extra hour in bed – the kids will, most likely, have different ideas though! Needless to say, every year I get lots of questions about the…..


Balancing your needs with your baby’s naps

One of the trickiest things once you have your baby in a good nap routine is finding a balance between naps and your own needs, when you need to get out of the house to a class or get things done. It can be even more challenging if you’ve got a toddler too, because they need…..


5 tips to extend short naps

One of the questions I am asked most often is how to extend short naps. I see a lot of parents who have babies sleeping 20-30 minutes for each nap, and then waking up grumpy because they could really do with more sleep. When a baby doesn’t get enough sleep during the day…..


6 tips to help your baby sleep well in the heatsleep well in the heat

So here we are, mid-heatwave, and I’m struggling already! While we try and make the most of the long awaited sunshine, here are some tips to try and make night times more comfortable for your little ones, when it’s just too darn hot…..


How do I get my sick baby to sleep?

Cold season is now in full swing, which means we are all exposed to more germs on the daily commute, in the office or when we’re out and about. The same is true for our children when all sorts of colds and bugs are doing the rounds at nursery and school. It’s quite common…..


Sleep on the go with SnoozeShade

Now that the weather has turned for the better and summer is starting to peep around the clouds, more of us are beginning to venture out of the house for pram walks and days out. And why not? We need to make the most of the warmer months while we can and being outdoors has…..


Parents’ guide to surviving the clocks changing

British Summer Time starts this weekend, and you’re no doubt as delighted as I am to be losing an hour of sleep on Sunday. Every year I get lots of questions asking for the best way to handle the clocks changing and minimising the impacts on children’s sleep. So here it is…..


How do I get my baby to sleep later?how do i get my baby to sleep later?

An issue that often crops up with babies and toddlers, once they have started sleeping through the night, is early wake ups. There are a few things to look at in your child’s sleep environment and routine that could make all the difference…..


NCT Magazine Newborn articlenct magazine

The first few weeks of your baby’s life are a whirlwind – for you, your partner and your baby. It’s a wonderful time, which comes with extremes of emotions, as you try to settle into a routine, and work out how on earth you will find time to sleep. In the beginning, try not to worry….. 


When can I give up night feeding?night feeds

One of the most common issues parents want to solve with their baby’s sleep is how to stop night waking. It’s a very good question, particularly when you are several months down the line and your baby is still waking once or more in the night for a feed. Before we get to the…..


How do I get my baby to nap in the cot?

As a general rule, naps are more difficult to crack that night time sleep. When I work with clients, the pattern that babies follow 99% of the time is to start settling well at bedtime, then sleeping better through the night, and naps will typically fall into place as the final piece of the…..


6 tips for travelling with babies and toddlers

Travelling with young children can be a daunting experience, especially when thinking about how to manage their sleep.The good news is that it’s possible to have children who travel really well, if you keep a few things in mind…..