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If you’d like to learn more about me, your Sleep Consultant in Surrey, please get in touch. Whether it’s to book a private consultation or reserve a space in an upcoming seminar, I’d love to hear from you. There is greater availability for 1-1 consultations, and I have a waiting list for seminars. I work with family clubs and other professionals locally to run seminars, so do get in touch to find out.

I love chatting to new families and learning more about their current sleep situation. Having been there myself, I know how tough it can be to function during the day on very little sleep when looking after a little one or getting through the day at work.

If you’re unsure about taking the first step in making changes to your little one’s sleep, please get in touch. I know how overwhelming it can feel when there is so much advice out there on Google and from friends and family, it can be difficult to know where to start.

You can join my waiting list today, by following the link. Just complete the form with a few details and I will come back to you asap!