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Hello! I’m Katy Huyerman, your Surrey Baby Sleep Consultant, and a mum of two.

My goal for you and your family is pretty simple: to get your little one sleeping well. To reach that goal, we’ll be following the proven strategies that I’ve used to help over 800 families just like yours.

Most of my clients see a dramatic improvement in their child’s sleep by the second to third night, but please note that every child is different!

Online Sleep Programme –  £47

If you’re looking for a DIY approach, my Slumber School Online Programme is for families with babies aged between 6 – 18 months. I will provide you with step-by-step advice about your baby’s sleep and easy to follow guidance to help improve night sleep and naps.

Slumber School also includes twice weekly Q&As in a private Instagram group to support you through the process and get you on the path to more sleep!

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If you’re looking to work together on a 1-to-1 basis, here’s how we’ll do it:

Step 1: Preliminary questionnaire and evaluation

I’ll get to know all about your little one in terms of personality, routine, and what’s happening sleep wise via a questionnaire. This helps me to understand exactly where we need to make changes and to build a personalised plan to minimise upset as much as possible. I also use this information to ensure the plan is in line with your parenting style, so you have a straight forward approach to follow that you’re comfortable implementing, without all the guessing that often comes with trying to tackle sleep.

Step 2: A detailed consultation to discuss the plan

We’ll then arrange a time to talk through your personalised plan over the phone. I’ll explain exactly what you should be doing at bedtime, what to do when your child wakes in the night, how to handle naps, and everything else you’ll need to know. You can ask me any questions and you’ll know the best time to start and exactly what to expect when you do.

Step 3: 2 weeks of follow-up support

In order to make sure you never feel alone or “stuck” during this process, you’ll be getting 2 full weeks of access to me via phone calls and daily messaging. You’ll complete a sleep log and I’ll check it on a daily basis to ensure everything is on track, so you have step-by-step advice and support.

Once your little one is sleeping well, you’ll receive my “Slumbertots Tool Kit” to help guide you through any future challenges!

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The packages for working together on a 1-to-1 basis are:

surrey baby sleep consultant


For families living in London and Surrey, I offer in-person support on night 1, subject to travel time:Surrey Baby Sleep Consultant

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Newborn Sleep Kit –  £25

This option is for expectant families or families who have a newborn baby. I will provide you with knowledge about newborn sleep and some tools to help start your baby down the path to healthy sleeping habits. The sleep kit includes:

Surrey Infant Sleep Consultant

  • A guide* covering newborn babies’ sleep needs and how to recognise sleepiness;
  • The basics to focus on in the early days as you get to know your baby;
  • How to establish a good schedule of feedings and sleeping for your baby;
  • What to do about short naps (a newborn staple!) and
  • Ways to help your newborn begin to establish healthy sleeping habits.

*The purpose of the Newborn Sleep Kit is to educate families about sleep for newborns and give tools to foster healthy sleep habits. This is not intended to help newborns sleep through the night and some newborns are not ready for longer periods of sleep until they are older and their development has progressed.

To purchase the Newborn Sleep Kit, please follow the link below:

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 Your Surrey Baby Sleep Consultant

I provide online infant sleep consulting services in Surrey, London, and all the UK, so feel free to  join my waiting list if you’re ready to work together.

Consultations are available via phone, and in person as part of the in home support packages.

By booking a consultation, you accept the terms and conditions of working together.

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