When we start to think about decorating a nursery, our overall aim is to be able to create a safe space for our little ones. From nurseries to toddler bedrooms and into teenagers, we want to design bedrooms in which children will feel comfortable and relaxed. In this guest blog, Harriet Turley, Creative Director of children’s interior design company, Lola & Masey, shares her top tips for bringing together an amazing sleep space for your child.


Balanced lighting in your nursery is key. Avoid anything that gives off harsh light – this can make a baby feel anxious and uncomfortable and we especially want to avoid this in their bedrooms. A soft glow from artificial light will make a room feel more inviting and warm. It will also prevent over stimulation and soften the contrast been light and dark. 

Dimmable lighting is a great option, as well as using layers of different kinds of lighting instead of relying on one light source. This will allow you to have the right amount of light as needed in the right places for example spot lights, a floor lamp and night light. Try to avoid blue lights as this will interfere with sleep.

Using black out blinds will help mimic the feeling of being in the womb for baby and enable them to sleep for longer in the morning and at nap time. They will also help prevent over heating from too much natural light in the room. It’s also a great option aesthetically and practically to pair these with curtains. This allows you to create a naturally lit room that will help to filter harsh direct sunlight when you don’t want it and give the room a nice soft glow as well as giving you the option to create a black out room when you need it. Best of both worlds!


Avoid bright and contrasting colours in a nursery, this will be too overstimulating and might impede rest and deep sleep and will be better used in areas such as playrooms. Instead choose softer colours and shades that sit harmoniously together such as pinks, white and beige, and greens to mimic nature.


Principles of Feng Shui suggest that correct arrangement and alignment of the room will help energy to flow better and create a more harmonious and comfortable space. Therefore, avoid placing baby’s bed against a window or too close to the door if you can help it. The same applies to electrical appliances and plug sockets, try to keep the bed away from these to minimise the electromagnetic field of energy flowing around them. Avoid overcrowding the room too and consider what you actually need. If you have a tricky space or small room there are clever furniture alternatives to help maximise and make the best use of the space you have.

Natural materials

Think about bringing more natural materials into your nursery such as wooden toys over plastic ones, consider flooring and rug choices and using materials such as wool, cottons and linens. Natural materials will tend to use much fewer toxins in the production process and tend to be more hypoallergenic, which is a massive plus, especially if your child suffers with allergies. 


Finally, avoid clutter with clever storage systems which can help to create a more relaxing environment, both for yourself and baby. If you have the budget consider built in joinery which will allow you to have exactly what you need in the space in the most functional way possible, making best use of the space you have available! 

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