SnoozeshadeI wanted to talk about Snoozeshade, a favourite product of mine.

Now the weather has turned for the better and summer is starting to peep around the clouds, more of us are beginning to venture out of the house. And why not?

We need to make the most of the warmer months while we can. And all of us can benefit physically and emotionally from being outdoors.

Getting out for just 15 minutes can seriously improve your day. But what to do when you’re out and about and baby needs to nap? After all, not all babies are blessed with the gift of being able to snooze wherever they are. And that’s why the SnoozeShade was invented.

It’s revolutionised nap time for so many parents the world over, and it’s made sleep on the go accessible to all. Here’s a really quick guide to getting the best sleep for your baby while you’re out. And how to use the SnoozeShade to maximise your chances of outwitting even the most determined little nap-fighters.

Don’t ditch your routine

Just because you’re away from home or out for the day, don’t use that as an excuse to abandon your carefully honed routine altogether. Flexibility is a must when it comes to babies. But remember that they respond so well to routine, and for many it is essential if you want too help them to sleep.

If, on occasion, you know that you’re going to be out slap bang in the middle of nap time, there’s no need to change your plans. Instead, pop a SnoozeShade under the pram and when the time comes, use it to create a cosy little nook, free from distractions and other stimuli.

Lots of parents say that their SnoozeShade acts as a sleep cue, so even if baby appears full of beans yet you know at home he would normally be asleep, don’t let him fool you. Encourage sleep with a darkened environment that will keep well meaning admirers at bay and prevent your baby from becoming over tired.

Plan ahead

Sometimes it makes sense to plan travel during nap times. So when you arrive at your destination baby’s sleep won’t be disrupted. Again, the SnoozeShade is perfect for eliminating all distractions while your baby sleeps.

It’s a good idea to also make sure that you have a bag packed and ready to go. And don’t forget any comforters or teddies that your little one needs in order to drift off to sleep. They’re away from home but some babies still need their home comforts, so don’t get caught short.

Preparation is key

If your baby only ever sleeps in a cot at home, but you have a holiday coming up, preparation is a must. Start by encouraging your baby to take naps in the pram at home, using a SnoozeShade to block out distractions. Going out for a walk at nap time is a great way of getting your baby ready for sleep on the go.

It’s also a good idea to prepare for one or two shorter naps while you’re out and about. The SnoozeShade provides sun protection from up to 99% of the sun’s harmful rays. And it provides a cosy, shaded nook for baby to sleep in.

But it’s not possible to control the environment you’re in. If you’re visiting somewhere noisy there’s a chance your baby will wake before he’s ready. If this does happen, prepare to adjust the rest of the day accordingly.


Sleeping on the go might be new for you and your baby, but don’t let this put you off. There really is no need to be stuck at home on a sunny day and there’s no need to postpone family holidays either.

Babies adjust fairly quickly and as long as you keep it to once or twice a week. Be mindful of routine, watch for sleep cues and stay flexible; there’s no reason why it won’t work for you. Enjoy the sunshine!