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Freddie, 14 months old

I contacted Katy from Slumbertots Baby and Child Sleep Consultancy to help our toddler sleep. Freddie needed to learn the necessary skills to help himself sleep through the night. Freddie is 14 months old and has never slept through the night.

I breastfed him till he was 8 months old and then I managed to move him onto the bottle. I thought he would then sleep better, however, he still woke at least once through the night for ‘Milk’ and cuddles. Sometimes he would wake at 4am wanting to play. He was a happy little boy but often clingy with mummy and fussy with his food.

Katy asked us to complete a questionnaire about our family and routines. She wrote Freddie a plan and talked us through it before we started. Katy had also booked in future calls to guide us through the plan when changes were made to meet Freddie’s new sleep pattern. Within a few days, we were seeing great results.

Freddie started settling himself back to sleep on his own. He was much happier and less clingy. He even started trying new food that he had previously rejected.

After a week of sleep training with Freddie and consistently sticking with the plan, he no longer needed us at night. We all started to sleep through the night and are better people for getting good sleep. I would highly recommend Katy to help you and your family because she’s simply amazing!

Katy is kind, patient, very supportive and as a mother herself, she knows the struggles we all face. Thank you so much, the Richardson family xx.
– Carlie

10 week old boy

I went to a seminar Katy was running through Busylizzy. My son was a nightmare at napping and would often get overtired from fighting his sleep. I was having to rock him to sleep and hold him as every time I went to put him down he would cry.

My son is now 5 months old and with Katy’s tips and helpful advice he now gets himself to sleep without being rocked. He naps in the day in his cot and is a lot happier in himself now he gets enough sleep during the day. This has really had a positive effect on his night time routine.

Highly recommend Katy as she doesn’t just help your babies she helps to restore your sanity and happiness through a very difficult time. Thanks again Katy! 

7 month old girl

Katy has been a wonderful support in helping us sleep train our 7 month old daughter, Meher. After spending 7 months of very little sleep through the night, I was beginning to lose my sanity!

Our daughter would wake nearly every hour at night and I would nurse her as I thought she was hungry or thirsty. We tried one night of the controlled crying ,where you let the baby cry for a few minutes before going in the room. And it broke me.

Having come across Slumbertots’ website and reading the testimonials, I felt optimistic to try Katy’s method of sleep training. My husband had to travel so Katy was extremely accommodating in drawing up a plan fast and getting us started to suit our schedule which was very kind. 

Katy’s method was very logical and easy to follow. After the first night, Meher only woke twice for the first few days. I continued to nurse her once around midnight. And by day 5, we stopped the night feeds completely.

On Day 9 she slept from 7am to 7 pm from and continues to ever since! We will always be grateful to Katy for her support and kindness during the two weeks. This has been a very important step for our family and especially helped me get back to a normal routine. Thanks a million, Katy! 

7 month old girl

Before contacting Katy I read through the comments on her website from families she had worked with and thought the results sounded amazing. My then 7 month old daughter was a terrible sleeper. She napped for 20 minutes and woke multiple times at night.

Settling her to sleep was a huge issue for us as she was totally reliant on me to breastfeed her to sleep. She was becoming more alert and settling to sleep was taking up to 2 hours (day and night!).

With a 3 year old too who had always slept brilliantly and a husband who works shifts and wasn’t always around to help I felt at a complete loss of what to do. I was dreading every bedtime and nighttime, I never knew what kind of night was ahead.

Katy was absolutely brilliant, so easy to talk to and to work with. After talking through everything in detail Katy set us a sleep plan and guided us through every step. Katy’s contact and support was great. Katy reassured me that as long as we stuck to the plan we would be successful and she was right!

10-14 days after starting the plan our daughter had it sussed, and over one month later things have continued to improve. Our daughter is no longer fed to sleep, we put her in her cot awake and she happily settles herself to sleep. She sleeps through the night for 12+ hours and now naps brilliantly too (for an hour and a half or more a couple of times a day).

It’s been a complete success, we now have a well rested happy smiley girl and a very happy Mummy and Daddy. I can’t believe the difference in such a short space of time. I can’t recommend Katy enough! 
– Leanne

6 month old girl

My daughter was 6 months old when we approached Katy. I was feeding her to sleep and had been holding her for the whole time of every single nap since she was born. 

She was waking 2/3/4 times in the night and I wasn’t getting much sleep or any time to do anything else. Even feeding myself was tough because she didn’t like to entertain herself much either.

She was also an early riser, waking between 4.30am and 5am every morning so we had a whole host of problems going on. I was very apprehensive about doing any kind of CIO method because who likes to listen to their baby crying?

Katy wrote us a plan which still allowed me to be there with my baby (no CIO). And also feed her in the night as I wasn’t ready to give up the night feeds. The first night was tough but my daughter reacted very well to the plan. By the second night she slept through for 11 hrs.

I was completely shocked and overjoyed as I thought she was still waking because she was actually hungry when in actual fact she was only waking out of habit and then expecting me to get her back to sleep.

My daughter has been doing regular 12 hour stretches at night. She is also going down for naps without fail in her cot and waking up so much happier. I cannot describe the difference Katy has made to our lives, I now have a bit of sanity back so thank you from the whole family xx.

10 month old girl

We contacted Katy after hearing the success our friends had using her. I must admit I was a bit dubious at first but as my wife was returning to work and our 10 month old was practically attached to her throughout the night we were willing to give it a go.

We followed the plan that Katy set out for us and within 10 days we had our our evenings back. Our daughter now sleeps peacefully on her own throughout the night in her own cot. Without any dependency on being rocked or nursed to sleep. I am utterly amazed with the transformation and can’t thank Katy enough.

Thomas, 7 months

Katy has given us the tools and confidence to teach our 7 months old son to settle and fall asleep on his own. Before the sleep training, Thomas was only having his naps in his pram while we walked around. And waking up at least twice at night, sometimes staying awake for a couple of hours.

We thought Thomas was different and he wasn’t going to be able to sleep through the night and have naps in the cot. But with Katy’s help he is now sleeping almost 12 hours at night and going happily in the cot for his naps.
 Ana and Jason

11 month old boy

Before we began working with Katy, our 11 month old son was always fed to sleep. He was waking up several times a night needing a feed to fall back asleep. We co-slept and thought things wouldn’t change anytime soon.

We knew we had to take action but I was always scared as I really didn’t want to upset my baby. But I had to try as I would do anything to improve his quality of sleep. To our surprise our son went from feeding to sleep and multiple night wakings to falling asleep independently and sleeping through the night in just a couple of nights!

The process really helped me to give our son the space and opportunity to develop self settling skills he needed. Katy was a great support to us and really guided us through any anxieties we had helping us to make changes along the way.

4 year old boy

We contacted Katy to get some help with our 4 year old son who had always been a very early riser and wasn’t getting enough sleep. From the outset Katy was very approachable and supportive. She came up with a practical plan that met our needs and gave us lots of help through the process. 

The difference it has made to us as a family is huge and I would thoroughly recommend Katy.  Like I’m sure so many others I only wish we had done it earlier!

8 month old boy

Our 8 month old went from an ok sleeper to a night owl and refused to sleep more then 5 hours a night. This was becoming extremely physically and emotionally demanding and wasn’t showing any signs of improving. Katy gave us guidance on how to adjust our routine to ensure instant results from day one.

We now are able to put our son in his cot and walk away knowing he will sleep and self settle if he wakes. Katy was supportive and understanding which was refreshing and made the process a lot easier. We would highly recommend Slumbertots. Thank you.

14 month old girl

I approached Katy as my daughter (14 months) was sleeping badly and was relying on being breast fed to sleep. I wanted to stop breastfeeding and was worried that her sleep would deteriorate further with this change. The plan made sense from the start and was simple to follow. Not too many rules and the ability to comfort my daughter when she became upset. 

The support from Katy was great, helpful emails and chats on the phone. I am pleased to say that my daughter’s sleep improved almost immediately and now she is consistently sleeping from 7pm until 6.30am. She is also napping well. She is happier and so are the whole family.

3 year old boy

Before we cracked my toddler’s sleep issues he was running around at 9.30 – 10pm full of beans. Nothing would get him to stay in bed. He would then crash out in the afternoon because he was so tired…and so it went on. He would be waking 4/5 times a night to get into bed with us and tantrum if we said no.

We’d give in out of tiredness but none of us would really sleep properly. We were all sleep deprived, we were struggling in the day and my son was misbehaving so badly it was getting embarrassing to go out! 

Katy has restored our evenings again which is incredible: I can put him to bed at 7pm and he stays there. Without Katy’s support and reminders for consistency I know I would not have succeeded in seeing the course through to fruition. Thank you Katy for all your help and support, you have helped us immensely as a family. You have restored us with some sanity! 

8 month old girl

My daughter was waking up constantly during the night, sometimes feeding a lot, sometimes refusing to go back into her cot and at other times just being wide awake. She also wasn’t napping during the day properly and we were at breaking point. We knew we had to do something but had no idea how to resolve the problem after trying everything.

From our first contact with Katy she was supportive, understanding and showed empathy to our situation. She clearly had great knowledge of baby sleep problems, as well as being able to relate to her own experience which we found really helpful.

On the third night of the programme, she slept for 11 hours and has slept 11-12 hours ever since. Her napping has also vastly improved and Katy has been on hand to continue to give guidance on how to keep improving them. When we had difficulties Katy was always contactable quickly. She was supportive in the way she helped us work through any issues.

It is not exaggerating to say that Katy has literally changed our lives. We are all (hubby, baby and me) far happier and enjoy our time together more. I feel like I can be a better mum as I’m not sleep deprived and struggling. I am able enjoy my time with my daughter rather than struggling to manage a grumpy baby when I am tired and grumpy myself.

Her physical development has also improved since she has been sleeping better and is able to spend more time on the floor learning and exploring rather than needing to be held all of the time. Overall, life is a lot easier and happier now. I would strongly recommend Katy to anyone who is suffering with similar issues.

Ollie, 8 months

Ollie got into the habit of waking every three hours for a milk feed and wouldn’t go back to sleep unless he had fed. I tried to give him a dummy to placate him but he would just wake up when the dummy fell out of his mouth. A friend suggested that I speak with Katy. I was hesitant as she is based in the UK and I’m in South Africa. How can someone help me when they are a million miles away?

We Skyped often and Katy was so supportive in every step. She asked such illuminating questions and successfully tailor-made a sleep routine for Ollie. This fitted in with my life and my toddler’s school hours. Now Ollie sleeps through the night and is a happier baby as he’s getting the right amount of sleep. He has also increased his day time naps and I can see the benefits on his system.

4 year old girl

My daughter has been an early riser for the last few years. I had resigned myself to the fact that I had to live with it. The tailor made advice and support Katy provided showed me that this doesn’t have to be the case. This has resulted in our whole family waking up at a more civilised hour!

2 year old girl

Wow! What a difference Katy has made to our lives! When I was expecting my second baby, my 2 year old daughter’ s sleep went downhill. The baby arrived and things went from bad to worse. We reached a point where bedtimes were a constant battle. I was up just as many times with my toddler as I was with my newborn in the night! 

Katy is extremely knowledgeable and caring. Her support was invaluable and with her help, my daughter now happily goes to bed. We don’t hear a peep until morning! As a result, she is well rested and I have regained my sanity. Thank you, Katy!

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