The Nap Guide: From 0-3 Years – £19

The right sleep routine for babies and toddlers is really important to fuel their development and learning on a daily basis. In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn all about daytime sleep. This guide includes: 

  • Age appropriate schedules from birth – 3 years
  • Sleep needs, awake windows and bedtimes up to 3 years
  • Recommendations on nap environment and routine
  • Information and tips for handling the 4 month sleep regression
  • Signs of nap regressions and how to handle them
  • How to drop naps
  • Strategies and tips for helping achieve optimal daytime sleep

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The Newborn Sleep Kit: From 0-3 Months – £19

This option is for expecting families or families who have a newborn baby. The Kit provides you with information about newborn sleep and some tools to help support your baby in developing healthy sleeping habits. It contains information on:

  • How to create the best sleep environment for your baby
  • Expectations and goals for newborn sleep
  • Daytime schedules – age appropriate windows to guide you
  • Bedtime advice
  • Handling night feeds
  • Handling naps
  • Other tips for success

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How to Handle Early Wake Ups – £11

This guide is designed to help you if your child has started experiencing early wake ups (before 6am). These tips can help your little one sleep later in the morning. 

These tips are suitable from 6 months upwards and can be helpful for children regardless of whether they are self settling or not. However, self settling may be something you may need to work on if you don’t see an improvement after following the tips over a few weeks. 

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Potty Training GuideThe Potty Training Guide – £25

This guide is designed to help you take your child from no awareness of needing the toilet, to taking themselves. It covers:

  • Signs that your child might be ready;
  • Preparations for potty training
  • Getting rid of nappies;
  • Dealing with poos;
  • Night and nap training;
  • Managing childcare and potty training;
  • Tips and tricks; and
  • An extensive FAQ section 

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